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Our Mission

The Golden Halo Foundation provides financial assistance, in the way of grants, to help those children with medical conditions that require specialized care. The financial assistance is to help seek medical treatment, diagnostic evaluations, durable medical equipment and expenses related to securing medical care. The Foundation currently serves families in the Midwest region.

Our History

The Golden Halo Foundation, a non-profit 501(c)3 organization, was founded in memory of Mikayla Grace Weimer, by her loving parents Derek and Michele Weimer.

Mikayla was a twin, born on May 31, 2001 with semi-lobar holoprosencephaly. Her twin, Kollyn was perfectly healthy, but Mikayla had significant medical needs such as cleft lip and palate, seizure disorder, G-tube and microcephaly as well as a growth hormone deficiency.

We were fortunate to have health insurance which paid for much of her medical needs. There are so many additional expenses that insurance does not cover which are equally expensive and necessary, such as meals, gas and lodging for hospital visits and procedures.

We were fortunate to have Mikayla with us for almost 3 years. She had big beautiful blue eyes and golden blonde hair. She was our angel who was able to ‘Grace’ us with her presence – thus the name of the foundation – Golden Halo Foundation.

In order to help Mikayla’s memory live on, we developed the Golden Halo Foundation to help pay for the additional expenses that families with children who have special needs incur for treatments and procedures.

A vision of beauty that filled us with love
A beautiful present, “A” gift from above
Her hair a halo of gold with eyes gleaming like pearls,
From the way she smelled, to the way her back curled.
A life filled with struggles, a fight for each day
Willing, sharing her love and comfort along the way.

She taught us so much, what life is about:
Love Hope and Strength are gifts to hand out.
So many more like her, but different in ways
All struggling and fighting through so many days.
These children need help, though expensive at times,
With everyone’s help Mikayla’s memory chimes.

By Anthony D Ellis